How Improv brought two rival companies together

It’s no secret that the business world can be competitive – especially when two companies are going after a similar audience. However, decades of rivalry between two top Animation studios was put aside one night in December – for an event that was fully Improvised!

Pixar’s Improv team, “The Improvibles”, invited the DreamWorks team named “I Heard Chicken, Thank You” for a Improv Theatre Sports competition at their studio – this was a completely novel idea! Naturally, we accepted the challenge. What an amazing opportunity! Up until this point, we had put on shows at our studio but were psyched for a chance to perform for a bigger audience.

One of THE most important rules in Improv is to “make your partner look good”. In other words, take care of each other on stage and off. In this spirit, both teams of Improvisers turned this evening into a celebration instead of a competition – a night of goodwill and community building. It was made easier because we all spoke the same language (Improv), and adhered to the same guidelines. An audience of hundreds was reminded of the collaborative spirit of our industry and how much we can learn from each other in pursuit of a common goal. Two studios truly came together to delight our audience and to leave us all with an experience we’ll always remember.

Improv – collaboration, connection and communication between rival studios.

How can staying true to these Improv guidelines help break down barriers across your business sector?

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