Have You Heard This Story Before?

Once upon a time there was a company called “We make cool stuff”.

And every year “We make cool stuff” would invest in staff development. The day was fun, and made people feel nice and happy, but the company was hoping for something more.

Have you heard this story before? It’s all too common, really. But, here we are at a time when soft-skills, communication, innovation, team building, leadership training and staff development are not just on the rise but crucial for maintaining and building a strong work culture.

So how do we as trainers help our clients absorb this training? Let me tell a different story (using the popular Story Spine model by Ken Adams).

  • Once upon a time there was a company called “We make really cool stuff”
  • Every year they invested in staff development training.
  • But this time the training included direct application, specific examples, and self-reflection.
  • Because of that the training felt directly relevant to the attendees and their work.
  • Because of that the trainees were able to make and build their own connections and create learning that felt personal.
  • Because of that the trainees were engaged and more responsible for their learning.
  • Until finally, “We make really cool stuff” made exceptionally cool stuff (you get the idea).
  • The moral of the story is learning that’s fun is great, yes. It’s a welcome boost and a way to shake things up at work. But to build training programs with lasting value, add specific examples, time for self-reflection, and tons of direct application.

After all, vagueness is so 2011.


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