TOOL: Empathy

Did you know there is a man at Google whose job title is “Jolly Good Fellow”? I swear it’s true! His name is Meng.

His job description is: “Enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace”.

He is on a mission to create more compassionate business settings. He says, if compassion is profitable and good for business, then every boss and manager in the world will want a piece.

In his TED talk, he cites examples of compassionate endeavors at Google, created by small groups of people on a mission to make a positive difference in the world. They didn’t ask for permission – but sometimes their efforts grew until they became company official.

How do compassion and empathy translate to a work environment?

1. i feel for you

2. i understand you

3. i want to help you

Imagine a workplace where you are constantly supported, inspired and understood by your co-workers. Use empathy and compassion as a tool for positive change in the workplace to foster a culture of support and trust.

Add this gentle tool to your toolbox and consider adding in Applied Improvisation activities to practice empathy and build that muscle – after all, Improvisation is a team sport built on trust and support.



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