To acquire the tools, hire a carpenter

Over the past month, this blog has introduced many of the tools for navigating business without a script, as well as practical applications, research, and anecdotes surrounding staff development, adult education and Applied Improvisation.

Hopefully it’s got your wheels turning, the conversation starting and has also piqued your curiosity. But, a word of caution:

The tools for change and growth are all around you, but it takes a skilled carpenter to make your improvement project a reality.

Enter, the facilitator…otherwise known as your project architect, contractor, carpenter, and inspector.

As mentioned earlier, Applied Improvisation is not a one-size-fits-all kind of tool. A facilitator will show you how to use the tools to make the most efficient use of your time, money, and energy as a company.

(My corporate sponsorship from Toolboxes of America requires I mention my toolbox metaphor at least once a day, in case you were wondering).

Students from my 1.5 year long class at DreamWorks know that on our last day together, I gave them all toolboxes filled with the tools they had acquired during our over 60 sessions. They have the motivation to add to their toolbox, and open it whenever they need inspiration. My hope is that they will share what they’ve learned with others and pass on the skills and lessons they were taught.

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