Train your right-brain for success as a leader

Recent posts of mine touch on exciting research: evidence that we can in fact train our brain to be more positive, more grateful and more empathetic through practice and habit-building.

Empathy is a muscle we can strengthen, and as research suggests it is one of the most important traits for success as a leader.

Famed emotional intelligence guru, Daniel Goleman has dissected the attributes that great leaders in the future will need to be successful in increasingly complex organizations. He shared these at the recent World Economic Forum:

  1. authenticity and sharp clarity of purpose
  2. empathy, and the ability to relate to people at “the front line” levels
  3. self-awareness and the humility to constantly question and adapt.
What many of us know is these attributes can take time, practice, and effort to acquire.  The good news is they can be learned, but reading a book about leadership skills is often not enough. The work we do as facilitators is to provide a safe atmosphere to learn, drill, and practice these skills, with direct tie-back to actual work scenarios and experiences.


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