What will you do today to change the world?

“What will you do today to change the world?” – read a morning text message from one of my best friends, Marc Harris.

It’s a daily exercise between friends on opposite coasts of the United States and a daily drill I’m very grateful for.

We share small to-do’s, accomplishments, or random acts of kindness back and forth via text message. Each day it makes me smile.

He and I are on similar journeys in different cities. We met 4 years ago in a early level Improv class in San Francisco, went on to co-found an Improv troupe and spent years playing, laughing, and leading an ensemble together.

We both work in learning and development and both have big dreams and goals.

This exercise reminds us that even if we didn’t change the whole world today, we were still capable of making a small, positive difference.   It reminds us to focus on the here and now, to keep things in perspective and to keep moving when it’s so easy to feel restless and eager to teach, facilitate and reach as many people as possible.

No matter the goal, there are small changes and acts we can commit to making each day. Having someone in your life to help keep you accountable, motivated, and focused is a wonderful tool that anyone can add to their toolbox.

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