What Matters Now – Building Organizations for the Future

I have been spending a lot of time with Gary Hamel’s Management Innovation portal: http://www.managementexchange.com. On this site are videos, stories, ideas, and conversations about building organizations for the future.

Hamel argues we must work to reinvent management because the organizations of today are facing challenges that are truly unprecedented and unfortunately, our management models of the past are no longer relevant.

Organizations of today are burdened with accelerating change and hyper competition.

In order to thrive, companies MUST become more adaptable, creative and innovative – but perhaps most importantly, they must also create an organization where employees are willing to bring their gifts of innovation, creativity and passion to work every single day to help combat these challenges.

What can you do at your organization to help bring out the best in your employees? At DreamWorks I worked to create lasting culture change at my company by teaching employees new skills and a new framework for collaboration and communication.

I started small with a test group of employees, built up to a presentation where I invited the entire studio, spread my message through word of mouth and demonstrated these new principles in a non-threatening way. I succeeded on a measurable scale as someone who was not in a management role.

Seth Godin might talk about it like this : http://www.managementexchange.com/video/seth-godin-how-do-you-change-system-when-you-dont-have-power

As Hamel notes, we as human beings are already adaptable and resilient. So many of us already have the qualities that many of our organizations lack.

What can you do to create a more engaged and purposeful workplace, where employees feel empowered, motivated, and willing to use their gifts to help build a strong organization for the future?

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