TOOL: To build a culture of innovation, focus on connection

Take a moment to think about how much time you spend cultivating and building connections in your daily life.  How do you feel when you truly feel connected to someone else?

If you are like me, you feel happy, safe, supported, and heard.

Now imagine if you could maximize these feelings at work…. and increase your company’s capacity for innovation. It is possible!

I wrote last week of management expert Gary Hamel’s fantastic innovation and management portal and its inspiring conversations around building organizations for the future.

Ivy Ross is the Chief Innovation Officer at Gap, and in this video she shares her tips for creating an innovative workplace. For her, innovation begins with connection.  She argues that forming genuine, human connections between co-workers is the crucial first step to creating a culture of innovation.

Connections are nurtured through trust, and by learning about each other in a deep level. This trust and freedom of expression fuels creativity and innovation.

Improvisers spend a great deal of time getting to know each other to cultivate the level of trust that’s needed to succeed at our task.

Similar to an improv stage, a truly innovative workplace values a diversity of perspectives and the connections that can be formed between them in pursuit of a common purpose.

Building trust, empathy and genuine connections (away from our computer screens and smart phones, preferably) helps to humanize an organization. If we understand our peers, we know what makes each other tick, we know how to help each other become better, more motivated and more inspired at work.

Together we can create a culture of innovation.

2 thoughts on “TOOL: To build a culture of innovation, focus on connection

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