The power of a “small win”

It’s truly amazing how a “small win” (making progress in meaningful work) can turn a day around instantly.

But, can we train our brains to search for more small wins? Absolutely. I believe sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective.

Why do I bring this up? Lately I’ve felt the love for my work being tested in many respects and I’ve relied much more on my Improv training to look for more small wins. I admit,  when you have big dreams, it can be easier than we’d like for them to feel so far away.

Improv training has helped to shift my perspective on what a small win can be and what it looks like. After all, it is a vague definition to start with.

An Improvisers Mindset includes:

  • Viewing everything as an offer
  • embracing “failure” and finding the lessons in it
  • letting go
  • commitment to an objective
  • turning a mistake into a gift
  • viewing a problem as an opportunity for change
  • starting positive
… and overall being a lot kinder to ourselves and our choices. If I view the world and my work this way, I can find many more small wins, no matter how small…and maintain the motivation to do the work I love.

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