What’s the drill – February 23: Can you name the 7 types of intelligence?

Did you know that humans have seven different types of intelligence? According to the theory set-forth by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University, we each have (at least) seven types of intelligence:

  1. linguistic intelligence (thinking in words and using language)
  2. logical-mathematical intelligence (quantifying and working with hypotheses)
  3. kinesthetic intelligence (acquiring physical skills)
  4. spatial intelligence (three-dimensional thinking)
  5. musical intelligence (working with pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone)
  6. interpersonal intelligence (interacting with others)
  7. intrapersonal intelligence (understanding one’s self)

What’s the drill for today reminds us we use more than linguistic and logical intelligence at work, yet training initiatives typically only focus on these first two types.

We need to be exposed to training that involves and engages all of our intelligences so that we are better equipped to navigate our every day lives.  Luckily, experiential training accomplishes this task!

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