The 7 attributes leaders need to sustain their luck – Harvard Business Review

How Leaders Lose Their Luck – Anthony Tjan – Harvard Business Review.

“It turns out that the attributes associated with a lucky attitude and lucky network are the very attributes required for continuous and inspired leadership growth. Yes, you need confidence and conviction in your authority once you’ve reached the top. But you equally need humility and vulnerability if you want to evolve to an even more inspired type and level of leadership”

The 7 Attributes required for continuous and inspired leadership:

1. Humility

2. Intellectual Curiosity

3. Optimism

4. Vulnerability

5. Authenticity

6. Generosity

7. Openness


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  1. My Father always told me that success was 50% hard work and preparation and %50 luck and timing. In his book “Outliers”, Malcom Gladwell articulated these concepts in real world examples. This article now reasons that through hard work and preparation you can actually help make some of that “good luck” we all need to be successful.

    Very thought provoking!

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