What’s the drill – March 7: Are you clear on your mission?

It has been a little over two months since I began this truly “improvised” adventure of blogging, website creation, and a  dedicated investment in curious learning and the application of it all.  It has truly been one of the most important experiments and learning experiences of my life.

I am making mistakes, learning to trust my instincts, leaping outside my comfort zone, contacting famous authors and CEO’s of companies, and talking to anyone who will listen.

Some highlights include a phone conversation with author and guru Daniel Pink, working on a presentation for the UC Davis School of Business, collaborating with wonderful colleagues and waking up every day feeling closer to my passion and purpose.

It has only increased my fascination and interest in change management, facilitation, adult learning, passion, play, transformative learning, leadership, communication, positive psychology, storytelling, humor and authenticity.

Perhaps I am obsessed with learning. Well, I can think of worse obsessions.

So, to those new to my blog or website, welcome!

Where this site will lead me is unclear, but the mission remains unchanged:

To provide practical tools and insights to increase the collaboration and communication in your workplace.  Specifically, I am most interested in what Improvisational theatre can teach us about human behavior, language and how we can translate these skills to healthier and happier people and organizations.

I hope you will take a look around my site, share it with those around you, and keep the dialogue going. I’d love to hear from you!


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