Creating a culture of gratitude

From the smart and considerate folks at SoulPancake – here is a creative and fun tool for instant spirit building:

A compliment booth! Take a look for yourself:

SoulPancake / Activities / Listen Up!.

We know, unexpected kindness can turn a day around. Compliments, praise, validation – it’s not just for the millennials. Studies from the Department of Labor show one of the top reasons people leave organizations is because they don’t feel appreciated.

Consider how often you offer a compliment, a kind gesture, a thank you, or specific praise.

Increasing the recognition and praise in organizations can lead to lower turnover, higher customer loyalty, productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Most of all, consider how you feel when you give and receive compliments. What can you do to make this an active and considerate part of your company culture?

Improvisers make it a habit to practice gratitude, it’s built into our studies  – in fact, one of my favorite exercises I learned in my first improv class was a “gratitude circle”.

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