Discover simple exercises to boost your creativity

 “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.”…. Pablo Picasso 

“I begin with a can opener and then it becomes something else…” – anonymous creative person

To be creative, is to see something in a new way.

Everyone has the ability to be creative. In fact, creativity is a muscle that can be strengthened through practice.  As a trainer and facilitator, I work with groups to flex their creative muscles. This work serves to enhance their observation skills, pique their curiosity, broaden their vision and make new connections.

To strengthen your own creativity muscle, consider these ideas:

  • To be a child again:  Having a “child-like” view of the world gives us a beginners mind – a way of seeing familiar things as if for the very first time. This mindset leaves us more open to the world around us. The more you can be open and present to the world around you, the more fuel you’ll have for your creative fire.
  • Shake up your routine: take a different route to work, try a different coffee shop – see if you can make one or two small adjustments to your daily routine to help open you up to new surroundings and let your brain waves pulsate in a different environment.
  • Adopt a new perspective:  the beauty of working with others is that we learn new and different ways of thinking. Next time your team is stumped, pretend you are a famous historian, artist, political figure or even Oprah. Ask, what would this person do? Sometimes adopting the persona of a stranger helps us to feel more comfortable expressing our ideas and trying on the mind of another.
  • Think outside (what kind of) box:  we often hear, its important to think outside the box – but sometimes all it takes to be more creative is to describe the box differently.

To enhance creativity, its important to promote new ways of thinking about and viewing our everyday perception.

Find an everyday object in your home, and see if you can come up with 10 different uses for it in 10 minutes. You’ll be surprised at the new and different ways to view something that used to seem mundane.

What did you discover?

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