What’s the drill – May 2: A simple exercise to boost your listening skills

How many conversations are you a part of every day? And, how many times have you found yourself a part of several conversations at once, and you struggle to keep an ear in all of them?

Try this simple and easy exercise to work on your listening skills. All you need is a group of 3 people.

Choose one person to stand in the middle. The two people on either side  carry on simultaneous, separate conversations (each on a different topic) with the person in the middle. It is the goal of these two people on the side to get the person in the middle to pay attention to their conversation.

The person in the middle works on their listening skills by staying present and engaged in both conversations at once.

After you do this once, notice the tactics you used to get the attention of the person in the middle. See you if you can try again but keep your voice at a normal level.

To the person in the middle, notice what happens when you agree and “yes, and” what the other people say, as opposed to engaging in arguments or a discussion. Is it easier to pay attention and stay a part of the conversation this way?

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