Do you have a creativity barrier? Take this 5 question quiz…

Everyone has the ability to be creative and innovative.  And sometimes, we are our own worst enemy in keeping our creativity at bay.

Turns out, the key to unlocking your creativity starts with changing your mindset.

This article, released today from HBR includes a five-question diagnostic to assess your creativity barrier:

“Do you agree with the following statements? A simple yes or no works fine for each one.

Associational thinking: I creatively solve challenging problems by drawing on diverse ideas or knowledge.

Questioning: I often ask questions that challenge others’ fundamental assumptions.

Observing: I get innovative ideas by directly observing how people interact with products and services.

Idea Networking: I regularly talk with a diverse set of people (e.g., from different functions, industries, geographies) to find and refine new business ideas.

Experimenting: I frequently experiment to create new ways of doing things.

If you answered no to three or more questions, then you’re probably bumping into the “I’m not creative” barrier.”

Becoming more creative requires taking small steps each day to flex your creativity muscle. But if you don’t think you are creative, you are less likely to engage in the behaviors that will build these muscles.

The definition of creativity changes with each person, and each organization and it can be a sensitive topic especially if you are in a “creative” industry. Figure out what’s keeping you from being more creative – are you censoring yourself, are you holding yourself back, and are you your own worst creativity enemy?

Crush the “I’m Not Creative” Barrier – Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton M. Christensen – Harvard Business Review.

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