The organization of the future – Pull vs. Push learning

Inspired by the Wisdom 2.0 business conference, this week we’re focusing on the organization of the future.

The organization of the future is:

  1. One where failure is an option
  2. A learning organization

In this learning organization, the focus is on “pull” rather than push-driven learning experiences — learning is interactive, engaging, and full of connection, where processes are set up for employees to learn from each other as much as they are learning from leaders in the field.

Focusing on a pull methodology allows for greater learning experiences and a higher ROI – because the individual can control their motive and reasoning for learning.

When we are genuinely motivated to learn, and pulled to an event (perhaps even through word of mouth, excitement, buzz, rumors of a wait list, etc) we learn faster, retain the information longer and are more likely to apply this knowledge – all creating cognitive connection points in our brain for future learning experiences.

In a pull learning environment, learning is a choice, driven by the individual.

This learning environment encourages other students to interact, pulling content to each other, creating social, perhaps virtual learning communities to harness the collective intelligence of the company all while building connection and empathy along the way.



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