How to act the way you want to feel – a lesson in status

Act the way you want to feel. Fake it til you make it. Maybe you’ve heard these phrases before and shook your head with skepticism.

I’ve been coaching a new client on bringing more conscious awareness to his everyday behaviors – teaching him new tools that align mind and body to increase confidence.

Acting the way you want to feel, can start with awareness of your non-verbal behaviors. To improvisers, and comedians we often come back to STATUS.

Status is a combination of body language, reaction, tone of voice, and intent. Our status is in constant flux – and can be lowered or raised by other people, places, or even objects.

We all have a default status. But to be flexible, adaptable, and growth-oriented is to realize that status is a choice, it’s a performance, and a learnable skill – and we can work to make these performance choices more conscious to help us achieve our goals whether it’s a sale, a job interview or even a date.

In this great presentation from Pop Tech, Professor and researcher Amy Cuddy breaks down scientific research on status power poses. How much space do you take up? And what if there was a simple trick you could do before interviews or important presentations that would help you act the way you want to feel.

Take a look:



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