What’s the drill – June 20: Tips on marketing people-skills classes

By reading this article you will come away with tips and lessons learned on marketing people skills classes.

Tip #1:

Make it clear what people will come away with because of your class/lecture/session. Sure business jargon has its place, but in my experience, key in getting butts in the seats for your people-skill classes is being clear on what they will get out of this class. Make it easy for them and take away the guesswork.

Tip #2:

Word of mouth is your strongest marketing tool. This is no different from marketing the coolest gadget or hottest restaurant. Start small if you need to by building buzz, but nothing says “this is worth your time” than a wait list, people buzzing on the message boards, or excited energy. The number of emails you send does not equal important or must-attend. Make it easy for them and pull them in to investigate more.

Tip #3:

The people skills classes at your organization may not be voluntary. But, if they are, how can you eliminate the risk (i.e. fear) many feel in signing up for these types of classes. Find ambassadors at their level who have participated in similar classes, start with an introductory class to ease fears of commitment. Start small.

Make it easy for them to say yes.

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