On change, and choice and new beginnings

Just make a choice.

“Ambivalence and timidness are the death of an improviser on stage.  Since everything is made up, you just have to make a decision and go with it.  Once you make a decision, it’s up to you and your scene partner to go with it and make it work.  In life, we don’t get things done because we haven’t decided what we want, and until we do, we’ll never be able to achieve it.  Make a choice, that’s the start.” – unknown

In this blog we’ve talked about commitment, “the polite dance” , strong choices, and accepting whatever is in front of you.

We’ve talked about risk and change and applying a “yes, and” mindset in our work and our lives.

Many of us have that gut feeling, the one where we know it’s time for a change but we can’t quite pull the trigger. Has this happened to you? Wise scholars and song lyrics say that change is inevitable, but when true ‘change’ feels like a choice, between taking a big risk or staying safe, between embracing what scares us and enjoying what comforts us, it’s easy to waver.

When change is a choice, how can we be sure we’re making the right one?

Here’s what I know. Embracing change, whether it is at work or at home is hardly ever easy. When change is forced upon us, we go along with it, and seek a manual to navigate us through it.

When change, or something new, is ours to decide, both in the amount and scope, we don’t often get to read the manual.

We make a choice and we go with it. We improvise, scared as we may be.  Because in Improv we know that whatever choice we make will be the right one, we’ve got the tools to make it so.

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