What’s the drill – October 2: What job do you need done?

FutureThink and The Energy Project are two brilliant consulting and training companies that are on my mind this week. Their value is clear, their brand is unique, and the ROI? Obvious… at least to me.

What they offer fills a need, and not just a want. It’s not just a “oh, that sounds nice”.  Every company wants to be more innovative and to harness the energy of their employees for a more productive and focused workforce.

It begs the question – how do you market your services – whether you are a job candidate, or a consultancy looking to increase your client base. How do you clearly and effectively communicate what you have to offer?

Author and distinguished Harvard Professor Clayton M. Christensen urges us to ask this question:

What job do you need done? 

For example, I need a way to quickly establish trust in a new group. Or, I need my team to develop their presentation skills.

If they don’t know that you can get the job done, why would they hire you? Make it simple –  take away the guesswork, and connect the dots for them.

No one is buying “Improv” – they are buying the result, the outcome.  We can’t assume that everyone needs Improvisation – but they do need teams that communicate more efficiently, and collaborate more effectively.

Turns out, everyone needs that.

So. Start with this: what job do you need done?

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