Everything is an offer

Everything is an offer. 

Maybe you’ve heard this phrase before. More than a fortune cookie and a potential custom license plate holder, “everything is an offer” is an Improviser’s mantra.

To say and believe and practice that ‘everything is an offer’ is to be the most curious, open-minded and thirsty of individuals.

An ‘offer’ is anything that happens on stage – or anything your partner says or does. Improvisers are obligated to accept and build off of every offer. 

We use everything. We notice everything. We are hyper-aware. And there is value in every single offer because we choose it to be so.

This translates to life off stage in many ways. The simplest example is this: to accept everything that happens to you, or for you, or with you as an offer – you may not like it or agree with it, but it is your obligation to find a way to milk the value, to squeeze all the juice out of the lemon. (More metaphors?? I have plenty). It’s an offer – so what will you do with it? How can I learn from this to grow?

Noticing the offer is just the first step. Deciding how to use it is the next. What this thinking breeds, beyond a feeling of allowing yourself to let go a bit and to find the value in what comes your way, is to be more self-reflective, to ask what each offer/experience is teaching you and to help it guide and shape what happens next.

Because…maybe you can’t always control the offers that come your way, but you sure as heck can control how you view them.

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