365 days in New York City

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago I stepped off the plane at JFK and stepped into a grand adventure.

I had been dreaming and lusting over New York City for years (sometimes secretly, and sometimes not so secretly by continuing to fill my San Francisco apartment with images and pictures from NYC or by using all of my vacation days, and then some, to visit).

But it took me some time (okay, you got me… a lot of time) to say “yes, and” to that instinct.

About 184 days ago on a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a book in the gift shop caught my eye.

As I flipped through the pages and poems I read the stories of people whose lives were changed by being in this magical city.

New York had inspired them to not only create something very personal but to experience the extreme of emotion – joy, laughter, confusion, sometimes sadness or revelation.

At the heart of it, New York inspires me to create, facilitate, and encourage this sense of wonder, and joy, and possibility for others.

My hope for you is that you can find that place: whether it’s a city, a job, a community, or an Improv group that propels you forward, inspires you, awakens your senses, and makes you come alive.

To the next 365 days…

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