Some 225 posts later, why I keep blogging…

When I hit “publish” on this series of sentences, I’ll get a spiffy notification that this will count as my 225th blog post on my site.

Some two years and two months after I said I had no plans to create a website, and then promptly built one the next day, this blog and website is a constant process of iteration, experimentation, and connection.

…which is precisely the reason why I keep blogging.

A friend once pointed out that Learning and Development professionals aren’t hired to write blog posts. Yes, and…

…My over-arching goal is to educate, help, and inspire others. It doesn’t take a conference room, a university hall, or a public forum to do that.

It is invigorating and terrifying to throw your ideas, point of view, and learnings into the wind (the wind is the internet, right??) and see what happens.

The What, the Why, and the How

Over time I’ve questioned how vulnerable my writing should be, who my target audience is, or if potential job prospects had feedback on what they read… but I never questioned why I blogged.

I’ll continue to look back on what I’ve written and be amused and proud of the learning journey I’ve been on, and have this as a tangible artifact of the experience. And, over the next few months I’ll be playing with other tools and avenues to share my work as well as I keep iterating and experimenting with the what and the how.

No matter what you are working towards or learning, I hope you can find a way to create an artifact that is yours, that is a constant work in progress, and that reminds you how far you’ve come.

Here’s to the next 225…

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