About Lindsey Caplan

Lindsey Caplan is an Educator, Organizational Psychologist and Improviser whose abiding passion in life is helping people and organizations get wildly better remarkably quickly through experiential learning.

As both a consultant and internal practitioner she creates, shares, and teaches tools and skills to boost creative confidence, leadership and communication skills, and adaptability. She shares many of these tools and ideas on her blog, as a way to inspire connection, and conversation with others. Her experience and background includes:

  • M.A. Organizational Psychology, Columbia University
  • B.S. Communications, Creative Writing for the Media, Northwestern University
  • Talent Development at Credit Karma
  • Learning and Development at DreamWorks Animation
  • Organizational Learning at McKinsey & Co.
  • Founder and facilitator of DreamWorks Animation Improvisation program and performance troupe
  • External learning consultant and workshop facilitator to clients including Salesforce.com, Columbia Business School, McCormick, Rotary International, Adaptive Path, and more.
  • Improv coach and instructor in New York City and San Francisco

She is optimistic enough to think that work can be a place where we become our best self. Please don’t dissuade her. She speaks more about this in her first blog post.


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