Lindsey Caplan


I work with organizations to tackle tough business challenges and spur organizational growth through the lens of gathering.

I’ve been gathering people for almost two decades. First to entertain, as a comedy writer in Hollywood, then to educate for companies like DreamWorks Animation and McKinsey, and now to transform as an Organizational Psychologist and the Head of Talent Development for successful Silicon Valley companies like Zendesk and Credit Karma.

Gatherings (training classes, town halls, retreats, off-sites, conferences, leadership development workshops) are often the first tool we reach for to spark movement or change in others. We use them to share information, elicit a reaction, or ignite motivation.

Gathering can be the most powerful form of communication and connection – but we don’t always maximize this. Over the past 10 years in Learning and Development especially I’ve observed there is an opportunity for these gatherings to go beyond the short-term impact to create the real change or commitment that was addressed in the room.

I teach organizations and their people how to lead others through change that lasts by taking their gatherings from simply ticking-the-box to truly transformational.

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