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“Lindsey leads by doing. So many people at work let the doldrums of the day-to-day beat them into submission, but Lindsey’s passion for teaching and engaging never faltered. It moved me so much that I still drive down to Redwood City once a week to learn from her, and after a year the entire group is still as excited as day one. None of it would have happened without Lindsey. To come up with new exercises each week and guide us all, really shows how creative and passionate she is” – DreamWorks Animation Visual Effects Artist

“Lindsey’s event for our organization was a great success. I got nothing but positive feedback from every single person I spoke to! She created a fun, highly informative, and memorable session that fit our needs, strengthened connections in our group, and gave participants increased confidence to navigate business without a script” – Tanya Okmyansky, President – Jewish High Tech Community

“We recently brought Lindsey in to conduct a workshop for a group of our students.  Immediately, she transformed the energy in the room, gripped the audience, and inspired them to change their thinking.  The students left the session feeling empowered and motivated, and, months later, still refer to the learning from that day.  Her approach was fun and light, yet pointed and relevant.  She was able to connect the classroom activities with business situations, providing students with practical approaches and realistic methods to use in the real world.  We will undoubtedly continue to utilize her services.” – Columbia University Business School, and Graduate School of Education

“It’s exceptionally rare to find a person who can truly inspire you and open your eyes to your own life and profession. Lindsey is that person. At a time when I was unsure where my life and career were heading, I took a risk and began what was one of the best decisions of my young life: a one-on-one training session with Lindsey. She was patient with me, she challenged me, and she pushed me to be more honest with myself and my career. She never made it too easy but she always made it fun and more importantly, she made it engaging. Now with the ability to adapt to all situations, engage seasoned professionals, create authentic relationships, and use the art of story-telling within conversation, I have been able to develop my own speaking skills and confidence which has given me the ability to truly network and progress in my career. I have nearly tripled my professional contacts, gotten a job that I love, and I have a new outlook on life in general. All of this because of Lindsey’s incredible breadth of experience and teaching skills. ” – Individual Coaching Client

“…our Club was fortunate enough to have Lindsey Caplan as a presenter and our members loved her. Lindsey was professional, informative and utilized improvisational humor to entertain and educate our members on the personal and professional power of “Yes, And”. Without hesitation, I would recommend that any professional or service group that is looking for a positive, professional and currently relevant motivational guest speaker consider having Lindsey Caplan present to your group… you will not be disappointed! ” – Rotary Organization Speaker Chair

“Improv principles like clear communication, idea generation, and positive support of your team are so valuable to my profession, as well as any collaborative work environment. It is thanks to Lindsey Caplan that I now know this” – DreamWorks Animation Animator

“With her insights into my approach to improv and patient guidance, Lindsey teaches skills that I take with me every day: from more constructive problem-solving in engineering meetings to discussing sensitive topics over the phone. Lindsey’s focus on helping people extends beyond just the classes, but it’s during class we get to see her true enthusiasm and amazing energy. After each session, I’m inspired to try new insights to help my business and personal relationships” – DreamWorks Animation Software Engineer

“Lindsey’s energy and enthusiasm is unmatched. Lindsey is one of those rare people who even if you are having a tough day, she will lift you up in a matter of seconds and leave you feeling all recharged and full of energy. “- DreamWorks Animation Artist

“It’s to Lindsey’s credit that  the college fully appreciates the value of improvisation as a tool. It’s a pleasure to work with Lindsey. Her skill and passion are undeniable. I believe her passion for this work comes from a strong desire to help. She has a generous spirit and in my experience, the best teachers are the most generous teachers” — Cogswell Polytechnical College

“I cannot recommend Lindsey highly enough as a mentor, teacher, and adviser. From the very first session I could see Lindsey’s work, personal demeanor, understanding, compassion and ability to read people like a book was far more than impressive. In a very short period of time, the work she has done as a communications and career coach has greatly increased the maturity level, personal growth and above all self-esteem of our family member, and has genuinely created a changed man. I cannot adequately express how grateful we are as a family for the work Lindsey has done. Most importantly is how she achieved results through building with what she had to work with as opposed to trying to create a new person. Today we have a young man who is happily and gratefully employed. ” – Individual coaching client (contact information given upon request).

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