Two words that kill innovation and creativity

Every moment and in every interaction we are capable of choosing our “performances” and how we act, behave, and respond in a given situation.

Often our responses are habitual, instinctive, and we aren’t even aware of the mindset that’s ingrained in us or our companies. 

It’s possible these two little words are killing the innovation and creativity of your team:

“Yes, But”. 

Reflect on how you and your company respond to new or untested ideas. Do you “but” ideas to death? It might look like this:

“Yes, but it won’t work”

“Yes, but we don’t have the time”

“Yes, but we tried something similar before and it didn’t work”

In doing so, are you rejecting innovation and creativity?

I’m not advocating a company full of just “yes” men. Instead, we can choose a performance that involves less judgement, more open-mindedness, acceptance of others ideas, and a willingness to build on ideas instead of rejecting them.

Think about all of the performance choices you have every day. How can your performance increase and not block the flow of ideas, open communication and an open mind.

“But….” , just give it a try!